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Company Profile

Everykid provides learning enrichment and therapeutic tools for children across a spectrum of key skills (physical and mental) in the age group of 3 to 13 years. Our learning enrichment products and services enable every child to learn at his/her own pace through easy-to-follow activities broken down in daily exercises thereby providing a happier and confident child. Our tools complement the support environment of a child provided by a group of parents, teachers, Occupational Therapists and Schools that provide a continuous and all encompassing learning experience for skill development in a child.

EveryKid is a company founded and managed by a group of mothers with a passion for making learning - a fun and enriching process for all children irrespective of their age, capability and level of dexterity. It strives to deliver innovative, hands-on learning enrichment and therapeutic tools that can be used by parents, teachers, schools, occupational therapists and care-givers for children across a spectrum of key skills. Our high-quality products have been developed to complement the extraordinary effort undertaken by teachers, parents, NGO’s in serving children and their families, preschools, kindergarten and High Schools.

Developed by reputed therapists and educators, our products enable a fun filled environment while focusing on children’s individual learning needs and overall skill development. We have designed and introduced two brands in the market viz. ‘Fine Motor Kit’ level 1 and 2. Other upcoming brands include ‘Sensing Sensory’, ‘Writing So Easy’ and ‘Learn and Develop Series’.

Every Kid is headquartered in Prabhadevi, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Corporate Mission

We believe that every child has right to learn at this own pace in a comfortable and happy environment. Further, a child learns best if he or she is provided a regular learning experience broken down into easy to handle activities on a daily basis re-inforced across his different set of educators and teachers at home and at school.

We support parents and educators with unique and high-quality concepts that enhance the quality of instruction and provide engaging learning experiences to meet each child's individual needs. Our portfolio lends a good mix of play and learning tools, activities and games that help in building foundational skills in all areas through exploration, imagination and fun.